How and Where to Buy the Train&Bus Ticket?
If you want to buy a bus ticket, here are the places you can go
1. South Bus Station汽车南站 qi che nan zhan
Address  No. 535, Yinfeng Rd., Haishu District
2.Passenger Transportation客运中心ke yun zhong xin
Address  No. 181, Tongda Rd., Haishu District
3.East Bus Station汽车东站qi che dong zhan
Address   No.707, Ningchuan Rd, Jiangdong District
4.North Bus Station汽车北站 qi che bei zhan
Address   No.122, Taodu Rd., Jiangbei District
If you want to buy a train ticket, here are the places you can go
1. South Train Station 火车南站huo che nan zhan
Address   No.19, South Station Rd.(E), Haishu District
2.East Train Station 火车东站 huo che dong zhan
Address   Fuming Rd., Jiangdong District
Remember to take your passport and cash.

It will be better if you can speak Chinese, for example
I want the ticket to Hangzhou, departure time 8:00a.m., dated Jun. 25th
Wo yao yi zhang qu Hangzhou de che piao. Liu yue er shi wu hao zao shang ba dian
But if you can’t, u just need to remember the city name and take a note written with the time
Such as telling the seller “qu Hangzhou” and show her the note written
“6.25(Jun.25th), 8:00”
Remember to take back your passport and charge when leaving.