China online system for verifying academic diplomas and degrees

The Ministry of Education's Overseas Students' Service Center announced the roll-out of a new online system for diploma verification Monday, marking an end to the days of expensive, transoceanic DHL fees and wasted afternoons spent in line outside consulates for aspiring foreign workers. 


In the past, work permit applicants had to get a physical copy of their original diploma notarized in their home country and ‘apostilled’ for use in China before getting it authorized by Chinese consular officials in the country where the document was issued. 


Some applicants were able to forgo some of these steps by queuing with their diploma at their countries’ embassies in China, before presenting the authorized document to officials at the Exit and Entry Administration.


Under the new system, foreigners of any nationality can submit digital copies to the new verification website, where they will be reviewed and (hopefully) approved in as little as 20 business days. Simply register with your name and passport number, upload your documents and you’re good to go. 


For the time being, the online interface is only in Chinese, so the less literate among us might need a hand to navigate the process. 


Total service fees will set you back RMB360, not counting the delivery fee (RMB15-25 for mainland China and Hong Kong) for your physical authentication receipt, and is payable via any UnionPay bank card.


source: That's Online


  • You do not need to fill anything in for where it says Student ID.

  • Program of Study should be the degree you received (e.g., Bachelor of Science in Engineering).

  • Period of study you should write the starting month and year and the ending month and year of your study.


    1. Please prepare an address in Chinese characters of where you want the completed documents to be sent.

    2. All signatures must match your passport signature and should be written with an ink pen (water pen in Chinese) and NOT a ballpoint pen.

    3. All dates should be written in Chinese format YYYY/MM or YYYY/MM/DD

    4. Prepare the above four documents first as mentioned before point number 1.

    Then, you need to register for an account and these steps are helpful if you have a Chinese friend or a foreigner who has used the service before to assist you because it is all in Chinese.

    1. Go to: and click on the blue button in the center to register

    2. Agree to the terms and conditions.

    3. Fill in the required details for your account registration. You will need a local phone number in China to register with via text message notification, and a valid email address which you can access in China for a password verification.

    Once your account is created, then you have to add the details for the degree that you want to have verified.

    1. Log in to your account.

    2. Click to start a new application.

    3. Fill in the required information.









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