Up to RMB 100 million funding! Ningbo desires high talents

The Ningbo "3315 plan" project benefits high talents to start business and work in Ningbo. Gov will focus on bringing in advanced manufacturing and smart economy projects, including three strategic industries of new materials, high-end equipment and new-generation information technology; five advantageous industries such as green petrochemicals, clean energy, automobiles, textile and apparel, household appliances; a series of newly developed industries such as biomedicine, marine high-tech, energy-saving and environmental protection; and subdivide industry related to magnetic materials, high-end metal alloy materials, graphene, infrastructure components, optical electronics, integrated circuits and lloT.



Support Policy


The innovation teams are selected into "3315 Plan", according to A, B, C three levels, will be given RMB 20 million, 10 million, 5 million venture capital funding respectively. For world's top talents who lead a high-end innovation team, could obtain up to RMB 100 million venture funding. 



Meet Requirements




Talents need to obtain Ph.D. degree from universities, and get a position of senior tech in universities&research institutes, or get a position of senior management in a company over 2 years.




Talents should fill the technical empty in research field of Ningbo, to promote technological innovation in related industries. 




Talents rely on company where should have good working condition, decent technic innovation system, sophisticated supporting measures, and strong innovation capability. Company should also have good operating performance, and provide research funding and equipment for talents if necessary.




Talents should work in Ningbo after January 1, 2016, and rely on company before April 15, 2018, or start work after signing contract witin 6 months. Talents need to work full-time in Ningbo for no less than 6 months each year, and continuous work over 3 years.



Tips you may want to know 

Among the above declaration conditions, the outstanding talents could be discretionary considered under the four conditions of age, education, job position and job title; For those who get International awards such as the Nobel Prize, the Turing Prize and the Fields Medal, or whom are the world's leading university presidents, vice presidents and other top talents leading a innovation team could be considered porperly of the leaders and members' qualification.

The declarants and relevant units shall register and review the "Ningbo '3315 Plan' Online Declaration System" (http://www.nb3315.cn/login).