Get a talent's visa for free, even one-day release!

From March 1, 2018, Zhejiang Province will formally implement the visa regulation for foreign talents, not only enhance the openness of talent introduction in Zhejiang province, and provide a quick way in for foreign high-end talents who starts business or work in Zhejiang.


Whom we can count as high-level qualified talents?

  • Invited by the Chinese government (Ministry of Organization; Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security or State Administration of Foreign Experts)

  • Or Invited by the Shanghai local government (Shanghai Ministry of Organization; Shanghai Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security or Shanghai Foreign Experts bureau)

  • Or employed by the shanghai high-technology company which has the valid high-tech certificate (click here to see the sample)


What's the benefit for foreign high-level qualified talents?

  • For the foreign talents, with proper document issued by above ministry or company, you can apply the R visa directly in the shanghai airport after landing, and that R visa is renewable up to 180 days. If your working contract is exceed 180 days, you can also apply the talents working residence permit here in shanghai.

  • You can apply China green card after you have 3 years continuous talents working residence permit.

  • You can bring a foreign personal housekeeper(maid) to Shanghai serve for your family, and you can sponsor him/her to get a S1 visa (mark as personal affair )


What is the procedures? How much is the cost?

The qualification confirmation time for foreign talent will get as fast as 5 working days, and the high-end talents and their spouse or children might get visa one day after application, no need to pay for application fee,visa free or urgent delivery fee. 

How to apply the R visa - China residence permit (Talents):

It's exactly the same procedure and quotation as applying the working Z visa (you can check the right side menu "Working Z Visa" section to have all our service details). The only difference is if you count as a high-level qualified talents (which means you can provide the extra document from above government ministry), then you will get 5 years working residence permit (with Talents mark on it), the normal employee only can get the 1 year working residence permit (with Working mark on it). After you have 3 years continuous Talents working residence permit, then you can apply the China green card from the 4th year.