Compensation Optimization | Zhinangtuan x ReindeerStation

What is the Compensation Optimization? 


1. To increase employee income without increasing company expenses

2. To increase net profit of company


How to achieve the above benefits? 


Up to 20% of the total amount of individual income tax


The tax refund will be returned to the client's corporate account, and client is supposed to provide the refund receipt (with financial seal) within 7 working days after receiving the tax refund.


The process of Compensation Optimization 


Clients(A),Service provider(B)


 A and B sign contract


 Document check (payroll list, copies of ID card, bank info)


 B releases salary to A


 B declares a individual income tax 


 B issues invoice to A


 A obtains tax refund


 A issues refund receipt to B


*According to tax credits, it will be settled once every six months. 

The occurrence time will be February and August.




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