The Fifth Ningbo Family Culture Fest invites you

The Fifth Ningbo Family Culture Event—the opening ceremony of sino foreign family culture market  


To push the establishment of family civilization, the federation will host the opening ceremony of the Fifth Family Culture Festival in Ningbo.

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Enjoy Life, and diverse cultures



12th, May, 9:00am—11:45am






Free of Charge


* Participants

  30 foreign families

* Organizer

1.Ningbo Women's Federation. 

2. Co-organised by: 

Jiangbei District Women's Federation, 

Jiangbei District Civilization Office, 

Ningbo Xiaoniang Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd, 

Jiangbei Zhongma Office, 

Ningbo Laowaisu Business Management Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Laowaitan is a landmark, and the must be visited place for foreigners who ever come to Ningbo. Since 1844, Laowaitan has always been a dialogue with the world in an open and inclusive manner. This event will be held here due to history, a kind of retrospective and beautiful outlook is also a way to strengthen Chinese and foreign families, Chinese and foreign languages. To benefit more families, make greater strength to make contribution to Ningbo.



In order to show the good traditions of good family,let the families inherit the essence of their thoughts and combine the site of international features. This event is divided into two: the stage show and the cultural bazaar.150 -180 people will be invited (around 60 families).

- Stage Show -



- Cultural Bazaar -




during the event, nice food, dessert and drink will be provided. 





How to get the limited seats?


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2Please contact Reindeer-marketing wechat, or add ”citycubeapp“ to take futher steps.