STEP2 Make choices of the agency

>> How to choose agent
Most Ningbo agencies follow local service standard, including the worldwide franchisee Century 21. They provide Ningbonese or Mandarin service, and Chinese lease, but not English service. Unlike Shanghai, most agencies provide Chinese / English services and leases, their service also meets international standard.

Reindeer Station is the only registered company in Ningbo that provides English-speaking service. We are an agency that follows international relocation standards.

Renting a flat via a local agency or reindeer station

  Reindeer Station Local Agency
SELECTING VISITING ·Plenty of our own property resources available and we also share resources with reputable and experienced local agencies. · Local agency own information
·Communication and confirm the request ·Communication and confirm the request (Customer must be able to speak Chinese or accompany a private translator .)
·Based on our rich experiences to serve thousands of expariates, we can Select the best offers in term of quality and location to match your request. · Select the flats as the local agents' und-erstanding.
· Arrange visiting for you at your convenience. We only arrange clients to visit apartments which are already visited or selected by us, to reach real time-saving. · Arrange visiting for you at your convenience.Due to lack of knowledge of the western culture, client requirements and unified service standard, local agencies most of the time fail to recommend the right accommodation and cause time-consuming
· As comprehensive Orientation tour when meet and accompany you while visiting flats. 
We’ll make community orientation according to our knowledge of western lifestyle.
· No useful information offered to you and maybe no more communication.
Language barriers can make you go real crazy! Local agencies can't communicate with you because of language barriers and lack of knowledge on western culture.

· Negotiating with the landlord to get a fair and reasonable price. · Bargain by yourself
· Providing a professional contract in both a Chinese and English version,and assisting you to sign the contract. Contract that we are using now is the same edition that are used by international relocation companies in Shanghai and Suzhou · Providing a professional contract in Chinese. Need you pay more attention to each detail.
· Agency fees (See the next section). But the same as the local agency. · Agency fees (See the next section)
Moving in After-sales · Assisting & conduct move-in procedure
· After-sales services as required, but extra charge.
· Assisting & conduct move-out procedure
· No more services, their job is over .

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