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Service Introduction

Experienced in all aspects of Domestic and International relocations, Reindeer Station's staff will ensure the shipment and storage of personal effects is handled professionally and carefully.


Reindeer Station provides state-of-the-art moving facilities and equipment across the globe, which ensures secure handling of personal belongings. Only the highest quality, environmentally friendly packing materials are used and every possession is properly protected for its journey. 


Reindeer Station's cartoon locator system matches packages with rooms, effectively organizing the packing and transportation of a home. Cartooned labels, hung on doors at the destination home, are matched to like-cartooned stickers on cartons, simplifying the delivery and unpacking process.


Climate-controlled warehouse facilities feature modern protection systems against pests, water and theft. Gated, patrolled facilities staffed by expertly trained teams assure appropriate care for all stored items.

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