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Reindeer Station offers clients with a complete comprehensive Business Assistant to help with your foreign business while staying in Ningbo. Our Business Assistants are well equipped to handle sourcing factories, freight forwarding, customs clearance, head hunting and other business tasks necessary to tackle any business problems that may arise.

Service Items Service Fee Comments
Setting-Up Rep. Office/Company 4,000RMB
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Sourcing 3%-8% of FOB price Price will be according to customer's specific details.
Head Hunting Half Month Salary Customer shall provide us with job description and salary standard, service fee will be collected after the recruitment.
Interpreter 120-150RMB/H
Price will be according to customer's specific details.
Car and Driver Renting Rent(daily):unfixed
Rent(monthly):20% of monthly fee
Rent will be made according to the itinerary and car model
Office/Factory Hunting One monthly fee Price can be negotiated when the service fee is quite high.

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